53-foot giant Christmas Tree

Tacloban City, Leyte – To enhance the Christmas spirit of Taclobanons, a sixty-thousand worth of Christmas Tree lights the city’s Plaza Rizal Wednesday night (November 28) as Mayor Alfred Romualdez , wife Councilor Cristina Romualdez and Leyte Vice-Gov. Mimiet Bagulaya switched on the huge Christmas tree.

The ceremonial switching on was witnessed and watched by hundreds of Taclobanons. In fact the people gamely joined in the countdown before it was switched on.

Around 1,300 colorful stars covered the 53 feet giant Christmas tree situated at the middle portion of Plaza Rizal while Mr. Snowman and box of Christmas gifts can be seen at the base of the giant tree as Christmas carolers sang Christmas songs as background music.

In an interview with Councilor Cristina Romualdez she said the tree symbolizes unity among the people of Tacloban. She was happy to see that such project which she spearheaded materialized.

Mayor Alfred Romualdez on the other hand said that the City of Tacloban is indeed progressing and we need to show the people that we can be united, the giant tree signify unity.

The tree will not only enliven Taclobanons he added, but will likewise encourage the inmates of the Tacloban City Jail who made the colorful and different sizes parols, to indulge in livelihood projects.

Adjacent to the giant Christmas tree, showcases the different projects made by inmates of the city for sale. It showcases carved wooden lechon trays, fruit trays, parols and many more.

The switch-on ceremony was attended by the Division Heads of the City Government to include City Administrator Jim-jim Yaokasin, employees of government agencies, students from different schools and families as well. It ended with fireworks in the sky of the plaza.

Taclobanons can now spend leisurely their spare time at night watching the giant Christmas Tree at Plaza Rizal.

Source: http://www.pia.gov.ph/
-by Gay B. Gaspay