In the Philippines, children also celebrate Christmas with the traditional Christmas caroling --going from house to house singing Christmas carols. Makeshift instruments include tambourines made with tansans (aluminum bottle caps) strung on a piece of wire. With the traditional chant of "Namamasko po!", these carolers wait expectantly for the owner of the house to reward them with coins. After being rewarded, the carolers thank the owner by singing "Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo (you are so kind), thank you!"

An example of a carol sung is "Sa may bahay ang aming bati" (from Jim Ayson’s Maligayang Pasko! Home Page):

Sa may báhay ang áming báti:
"Merry Christmas na maluwalháti!"
Ang pag-íbig, pag siyàng naghári,
Aràw-áraw ay mágiging Paskó lagí!
Ang sanhî po ng pagparíto,
Ay híhingi po ng áginaldo.
Kung sakáli't kami'y perhuwísyo
Pasensya na kayó't kamí'y namámasko!

Ulítin lahàt


At the house we greet:
"A Glorious Merry Christmas!"
If Love were to reign,
then everyday would be Christmas!
The reason we came here
is to ask for gifts.
If it so happens we are a bother,
Be patient since we're soliciting for Christmas!