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Renter’s Name  
Date of Birth  
Passport Number  
Driving License  
Telephone Number  
Credit Card & Expiration Date  
Rental Date   Mileage  
Return Date   Mileage  
Type of motorcycle   Color  
Certificate of registration   Date   Plate No.  
Engine No. AE161FMJDD297992
Chassis No. AAELPSB651C16202
Insurance Policy No. 35320 Date 09 /21/2006 to 09/21/2007
Valued price for this motorcycle 70,000 pesos (maximum loss figure)
Accessories Helmets (2)


  • You must leave your passport with us and a deposit of 5,000 pesos.

The above detailed Contract is mutually agreed further as follows:

  • Renter shall utilize the motorcycle only for the purpose of sight seeing on main roads.
  • If the motorcycle breaks down, we will make the necessary repairs.
  • If the motorcycle breaks down outside of Tacloban City Area, the renter is responsible for the way back transportation.
  • The motorcycle is insured in accordance with current Philippines liability. Additional Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the renter.
  • During rental period, renter must take good care and maintenance the vehicles as if it were his/her own property, and check oil and water in engine at every fill-up of fuel.
  • During the rental period the renter is responsible for damage cause to motorcycle, whether caused by the renter or a third party.
  • If the motorcycle needs to be repaired or painted for damage cause to motorcycle (during the rental period), whether caused by the renter or a third party, the renter must pay extended rent as long as the vehicle is in repair shop.
  • The renter will be liable for the theft of the motorcycle. The renter will be charge to replace the motorcycle in cases of theft.
  • The renter must have a valid international driver’s license or local driver’s license.
  • The renter must agree to Philippines traffic rules (Especially about wearing a helmet for motorbikes and non-alcohol driving)
  • The renter should park the motorcycle in a secure place in the night time.
  • The renter must fill up the tank before returning the motorcycle.

Late Penalty:

  • Up to 59 minutes late is a Grace Period= No Charge
  • 1-2 Hours late = 1/3 Daily Rental Charge
  • 2-3 Hours late= 2/3 Daily Rental Charge
  • Over 3 Hours late= Full day Rental Charge.


All units have 50, 000 Pesos of Compulsory Insurance for 3rd party damage. However, this is a small amount of insurance and pays nothing for the damage to the motorcycle which the Renter if fully liable for under the Terms of the Rental Contract.

List of damage observe on the motorcycle before the rental period


Renterís Signature ____________________________Date ______________________


Renterís Signature ____________________________Date ______________________

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